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Adult Technology Learning: Creating Learning Cultures with Just-in-Time Support
Outlines the value of applying adult learning concepts to the invention of professional development programs. It also stresses the value of informal support systems and learning experiences as ways of promoting significant growth.
Assessing Staff Technology Competence
Provides a rationale for robust assessment of efforts, in part as a way of guiding program development to match the needs and interests of staff.
Barriers to New Technologies - Part One: Staff Balkanization
Far too little attention is devoted to the cultural and social barriers to change. How can we lower the barriers to create communities of technology and information savvy learners.?
For twenty years we have seen an over-reliance upon classes in software applications.
Coaching for a Change One of the most promising strategies to reach a broad cross section of teachers is the use of technology coaches and support people.
Creating the Vanguard: Identifying, Grooming and Rewarding the Champions
The richness of our professional development menu will be enhanced by grooming a vanguard to "push the envelope."
Crossing the Great Divide: Adult Learning for Integrative and Innovative Use of Technologies with Students
There is a big difference between learning new technologies and using them to enhance student performance. How can we best cross this divide or chasm?
Designing Staff Development for the Information Age
Provides an overview of new design principles for the creation of effective adult learning in support of new information technologies.
Gauging Return on Investment: Assessing Professional Growth in Skill and Use
A primer in the fine art of program assessment.
How Teachers Learn Technology Best An overview of the key design principles to govern the development of effective adult learning programs for widespread use of new technologies.
Invention as Learning
Demonstrates why 50% of the professional development budget should be allocated to fund teams of teachers working to invent units of technology enhanced study.
Reaching the Reluctants We have evidence that many teachers are skeptical and reluctant when it comes to integrating new technologies into daily practice. This article explores the approaches most likely to reach this group.
Secrets of Success: Professional Development that Works
An overview of the ten most important lessons we have learned about creating effective professional development programs.
Shifting the Comfort Zone: Staff Development to Counter Technology Refusal
While many veteran teachers may have many reasons to resist the temptations of new technologies entering their classrooms, this article proposes strategies to reduce resistance and encourage technology acceptance.
The Software Trap For two decades schools have invested in software training with the mistaken belief that software skills translate into curriculum integration. Time for a shift in practice!
Technology Literacy and Recruitment
How much "literacy" can we expect from new teachers coming into the profession?
Technology Refusal: A Reprise Suggests ways for school districts to address the serious obstacles to change outlined in Steven Hodas' 1993 piece, "Technology Refusal and the Organizational Culture of Schools,"
Teflon Learning Teflon learning is designed to maximize comfort and success. No sticking or burning!
Web-Based Learning: A Strategy to Avoid Heroics Web pages can support "learning journeys" by staff that don't require the presence of charismatic and persuasive workshop leaders.
Web Based Staff Development: Creating Commitment with Online Learning Online learning experiences can transform reluctants into enthusiasts. Learn how and why this promising new approach to adult learning works.


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